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Older Adults & Pilates: A Gentle, Effective Way to Get Fit


Pilates is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the country, and everyone from athletes to A-list celebrities are singing its praises. Essentially, Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on building core strength, flexibility and creating a sense of mindfulness that contributes to better overall movement, balance and coordination. Principles of Pilates Pilates is based on six guiding principles: centering, control, breath, flow, precision and concentration. Ultimately, the goal of these principles, and Pilates as a whole, is to focus on the quality of the exercise being performed, rather than its quantity. For example, unlike traditional weight training, instead of performing numerous repetitions, you may only do a particular exercise a few times, but you concentrate on getting it right for maximum results. Adaptable Training Pilates is preferred by many people, from pregnant women to older adults, because aside from being effective, it’s also gentle and adaptable. Primarily Pilates is performed on a mat or on specifically-designed equipment, but a personal trainer can create a customized Pilates program, appropriate for the unique needs of an individual. The Importance of Exercise for Older Adults America’s population is aging, which means more and more older adults are looking for ways to remain fit, active and healthy. With regular physical activity, older adults can see a number of tremendous benefits, including the ability to live independently for longer, reduced risk of falls and injuries, reduced blood pressure, lower risk of chronic pain, better cardiovascular health and even improved moods and a better sense of well-being. In fact, it’s perhaps older adults that need exercise more than any other age group. While much is known about the benefits of exercise for older adults, it becomes challenging when you get older to find a fitness routine that you’re capable of doing,…

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