Kasey Johnson

Certified Personal Trainer • Group Fitness Instructor

Kasey Johnson has been a personal trainer since 2012, she works full time in the Insurance Industry and although it has been a great career, her passion is fitness. As a mother of two sons, who are now 21 and 19, she was always very active and made an effort to stay in shape to be healthy. At the age of 44, she began running, signing up for races, and doing a bootcamp class which she loved. For the past several years she has completed multiple half marathons, taught boot camp classes, and a year ago she started cycling. Last year she completed her first duatholon, which was a 28 mile bike ride and 8 mile run, and at the beginning of this year, she completed a 62 mile ride and my her first 24 mile Ragnar, which is a running relay with other team mates. Be inspired by Kasey’s passion and creative workouts!
“It’s never too late to start your fitness journey!  Let’s get fit and stay fit together! ” -Kasey