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Personal Training: Bridging Clients Between Physical Therapy and Wellness


There are a number of reasons you may require physical and rehabilitation therapy. Perhaps you suffered a work injury, or maybe you have chronic back pain. While there are tremendous benefits to visiting a physical therapist, there are also limitations, for example, insurance issues. Many physical therapists have limited time and resources to provide services to patients, simply because of restrictions placed on them by insurance companies. More and more physical therapists and medical professionals are referring people either to begin personal training after undergoing physical rehabilitation, or in some cases, even in place of, or while visiting a physical therapist. A Holistic Approach What’s perhaps most important to note about the differences between a personal trainer and a physical therapist is the personal trainer’s ability to approach your wellness from a holistic standpoint. Often a physical therapist will only work on the injured or affected part of your body in able to restore the baseline functionality you experienced prior to your accident or affliction with chronic pain. This may be beneficial in terms of getting you back to work or to daily activities, but it doesn’t improve your overall health, fitness and feeling of well-being. Along with the creation of goals, a personal trainer can work with an individual to improve strength, overall mobility and help guide them through corrective exercises that specifically address their injury or problem area. Safety At the forefront of concern for any personal trainer, specifically when dealing with an injury, is safety. A personal trainer is able to work with your doctor or physical therapist, or simply assess the extent of your pain and injury, and then modify exercises, or develop new exercises with safety in mind. Through this personalized work, you can learn better techniques for performing exercise and physical activity, which will…

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Less Is More With Boutique Fitness Centers in Orange County, CA

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If you’ve ever been a member at a big box gym, you’ve likely seen what a challenge the entire experience can be. Big box gyms are loud, crowded and impersonal. Even if you take advantage of their personal training options, you’re often still doing your workouts in the middle of the gym, where it feels like you become entertainment for the other gym-goers. It’s also difficult, without personalized attention, to remain accountable to yourself and your fitness routine. When you just become a face in the crowd, you may find that it’s difficult to motivate yourself to do your daily workout. This is particularly true if you’re very busy—without personalized attention and accountability, it becomes much easier to bump that workout off your packed schedule. Luckily, there is an alternative to the standard big name gym, in the form of boutique fitness centers. The Rising Popularity of Boutique Fitness Centers When you visit a large gym, you quickly realize their primary goal is to get new members versus making it their goal to ensure their members achieve their goals. When you opt for a boutique and independently owned fitness center, you immediately get the feeling their goal is to help you succeed in whatever it is you want to achieve. Since they are small, it’s not a constant race to get the most members sign up, only to let them fall to the wayside. Anonymity vs. Accountability When you join a huge gym, you blend in to the masses. There’s no one there that holds you accountable to a personal training session, and if you take part in a group exercise class, there’s no one really pushing you to do your best, or even to attend. In fact, most of us have been in the situation where we visit a…

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