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Great News!

We have moved the Pilates & Yoga Room under the same roof as Private Fitness and have expanded to have a total of 5,400 square feet! Come take a tour, take a class or schedule a free consultation to experience a sneak peek of our expanded facility! We are thrilled to have created a place just for you that is unlike any other in the area to offer variety, multiple class times, new class formats, and more! We will have more gym space for our Private & Group Personal Training and 3 different studios with a complete Pilates Studio with NEW equipment, dedicated Studio for Classes, and a Wellness Room for our Yoga & Nutritional Lectures. We are excited to show you around, please check our schedule online or stop by to take a tour!

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Yoga / Pilates Complimentary Connection

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There is a tremendous amount of interest these days in Yoga and Pilates practiced together. Both are sophisticated systems of integrative exercise with a lot in common. The 6 Pilates Principles: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow, could easily be used to describe the principles of many kinds of yoga as well. Pilates and yoga are also quite different from each other, and it is in the differences that we find many of the complimentary aspects of the two that make them a great duo. Strength & Stretch In a general view, Pilates focuses more on strength and Yoga focuses more on stretch. There are certainly exceptions to this statement as Pilates does include stretching, in fact, Pilates is known for creating length in the body, and doing yoga does develop strength. The difference is in the emphasis. Many people are finding that the core strength and muscle integration they develop in Pilates support them well in daily activities and for those who also do Yoga, Pilates gives them the stability that they need to control their movements and safely expand into more challenging Yoga poses. Conversely, the expansive stretching achieved in Yoga provides great range of motion and a wonderful balance to the typically more core oriented Pilates exercises. Centering, Breath and Flow The breath is the great cleanser of the body and in both disciplines one is encouraged to develop conscious breathing, using a deep full breath to enhance awareness and depth of each movement. Working with the breath links the physical exertion with attention of the mind to create grace and flow through the class. In yoga, techniques of yogic breathing are used to connect the yoga asanas (poses) and some meditation practices can be based solely on breath. Breathing in pilates is recognized as rejuvenating, detoxifying and a means of…

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